2/ reasons to hate mark tuan | he’s too perfect to be loved…

basically junhwe’s bio in one gif

I just want to hug Junyoung. I love him as a leader and he’s such a strong man. But as strong as he is, he’s still a human with feelings. The guy’s going through a lot and I just wish for his dreams to be accomplished- along with the rest of ZE:A’s own goals either personal or group wise. There’s so much going on within their family (their company) and, as a ZE:A fan myself, I hope everything works out for the best in the long run.


honestly one of the scariest things about everything going on with ze:a is the fact that the president just handed over the entire company and flipped their contract so fast. it makes you wonder how much they had to hide.


I need you to understand that this is even crazier and more important than what Block B did. This is not “Block B again”. Block B was in a shitty situation and they left. This time one single man was fed up with the abuse and huge long-term mistreatment of every single idol in the company and threatened to expose everything and then bought the company and remade contracts in the artists’ favor. All of the artists. This is huge.

2014: The year k-pop idols use their voices for more than singing the lines they’re told to sing.

Simon kinda has a thing with cheeks lol


In Spanish, we don’t really say “I love you” we say “traeme una cerveza” which roughly translates to “you are the light of my soul” & I think that’s beautiful.

Friendly reminder that it's ok to support more than one kpop group.
Friendly reminder that just because you only support one kpop group, it doesn't make you better than people that support others too.
Friendly reminder that fan wars are immature and you are allowed to support any group you like.
Friendly reminder that you can still be a kpop fan even if you have never seen your group perform live, don't own any merchandise and don't live in Korea.
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